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James M. Leipzig, MD, FACS

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Robotic spine surgery is the most precise way of performing delicate spinal procedures to treat conditions such as spinal stenosis and vertebral fractures. If you’re enduring considerable pain and loss of function because of a back problem, James Leipzig, MD, FACS, of The Spine Center in Roanoke, Virginia, can help. Dr. Leipzig uses the Mazor X™ robotic system to perform minimally invasive spine surgery with unrivaled accuracy. To find out more, call The Spine Center or request an appointment online today.

Robotic Spine Surgery Q & A

What is robotic spine surgery?

Robotic spine surgery is an innovative method of performing spinal procedures using minimally invasive techniques. The advantage of robotic spine surgery is that your surgeon at The Spine Center can achieve levels of accuracy that aren’t possible with traditional manual surgery.

Robotic spine surgery takes place entirely under your surgeon’s control — the robot concerned is simply a tool they use. The Spine Center uses an advanced guidance system called Mazor X to perform robotic spine surgery.

How does robotic spine surgery work?

The Mazor X robotic spine surgery system enables your specially trained surgeon to plan your entire treatment strategy digitally before entering the operating room.

Your surgeon operates through a surgical arm of the Mazor X, based on the pre-operative plan. The robotic system guides the surgical instruments and implants according to that plan.

During your robotic spine surgery, the Mazor X system also uses cutting-edge tracking and imaging technology to ensure every step of the procedure follows the surgical plan.

Why should I consider robotic spine surgery?

A robotic spine surgery system like Mazor X achieves exceptionally high surgical success rates with 98-99% of implants placed accurately. While non-robotic surgery requires exceptional skill, with a success rate of around 90%, it can’t match the results of robotic spine surgery.

Using Mazor X, your surgeon at The Spine Center creates a surgical plan with 3D imaging software that includes implant and placement planning. The system also reproduces the procedure from various three-dimensional viewpoints, which allows your surgeon to ensure precision placement to optimize your outcomes.

What conditions are suitable for robotic spine surgery?

Mazor X robotic spine surgery is suitable for many minimally invasive procedures, including:

  • Spinal fracture repair
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis or lordosis
  • Spinal tumors
  • Pseudarthrosis
  • Failed previous fusion surgery

For most people, the Mazor X system offers distinct advantages, including reduced postoperative pain, a lower risk of complications, and faster recovery times. However, not all patients can have robotic spine surgery.

Find out more about robotic spine surgery and see if it could help you by calling The Spine Center or requesting an appointment online today. Microsurgical spine surgery is a technique that ensures optimal results with minimal tissue damage. If you have a back problem that requires surgery, James Leipzig, MD, FACS, of The Spine Center in Roanoke, Virginia, can help. Dr.Leipzig specializes in using minimally invasive microsurgical spine surgery to perform procedures such as microdiscectomy and direct lateral interbody fusion (DLIF). To learn more, call The Spine Center or request an appointment online today.